Crostone autunnale

A fast dish to prepare, especially if you have a jar of good “sottoli”, that are vegetables, in this case eggplants and zucchini, preserved in glass jars with olive oil.

You can use it as a fast snack or as an appetizer.



  • Dried tomatoes
  • Black olives
  • Eggplants
  • Cappers
  • Basil
  • Zucchini
  •  Bread
  • Sheep cheese (pecorino)
  • Maria Camilla white wine (Monte Vibiano cellar)


Grill the eggplants and the zucchini on a grill or a pan brushed with extravirgin olive oil (you can also use preserved eggplants and zucchini, the ones  you buy in jars covered of extravirgin olive oil).

Soften the dried tomatoes  pouring on them a tablespoon of hot water and leave it some minutes to soften them. Then, squeeze them and cut in big peaces.

Cut a slice of good bread (not to thin)  and toast it.

Pour on the slice of bread a good amount of extravirgin olive oil, then the vegetables, the black olives cut in two and some crumbles of pecorino cheese. We use the Manciano pecorino usually, a semi mature cheese, produced in Maremma.

We suggest not to add any salt, as the cheese, the olives, and the cappers are usually salted.

Finally, add another small amount of extravirgin olive oil and some leaves of fresh basil.

As appetizer, we serve it with a glass of Maria Camilla white wine, from the Monte Vibiano cellar.

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Ravioli with ricotta and gorgonzola

Is there any better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, than making ravioli to eat over dinner with friends? I open the fridge, take out some ricotta and gorgonzola, and then…
Ingredients for 4 persons
For the hand made pasta:
4 eggs
400 gr flour
For the filling:
200 g ricotta
200 g gorgonzola
Put the  flour in a bowl or on the table and make a well in the centre.
Add the eggs and, using a fork or your fingers, begin to incorporate flour from the edges. Work till the dough is smooth. It must not be sticky. If it is, just add a little flour.
Form a rough ball with the dough, wrap it (tight) with cling film  and put in the fridge  for at least 30 minutes. This will make it easier to work it, making the dough less elastic!
After the rest, put the dough on the table (any time you think it’s  sticky, flour the surface!!)  or on a wood or marble board and kneads it for few minutes.
Roll out the dough with a rolling pin until very thin (if you have the Imperia Pasta machine, you can use it!!! I often use it, especially when I’m in a hurry).

Ravioli with ricotta and gorgonzola 1aIf you are going to use this dough to make tagliatelle, it must not be so thin.. but to make perfect ravioli…. Roll it really very thin!

If you can’t roll all the dough together, cut it in 2 or more pieces. While you are rolling one piece, keep the other  well wrapped in the cling film, otherwise the dough will dried up and it will be difficult to work it.

Then take a pasta cutter or a glass or the special ravioli cutter, and cut the ravioli.
Put one tablespoon of filling in the centre of the ravioli, being carefully not to put the filling to near the edges..
Ravioli with ricotta and gorgonzola 3With your finger wet the edges of the ravioli with a little water (not too much!).
It serves to make it easier to make the dough to adheres and make a ravioli that don’t come apart while cooking!
Ravioli with ricotta and gorgonzola 5aAt this point, fold in two the ravioli and press with your fingers the edges to make sure the dough adheres …… Now, they are ready!!
Cook them in salted water (for 3-5 minutes) or till they are ready, then carefully remove them and put in the pan where you prepared the  sugo al pomodoro (tomato sauce). Add parmesan, few leaves of basilico (basil) and eat it immediately, while still hot!
Sugo al pomodoro: to prepare the sauce, put in a pan 2 cloves of garlic with 4 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, let it became a little gold (don’t burn it!!), then add the tomato (we use pomodori pelati, that means peaces of tomato canned), a little salt and cook a little. It must not be watery… but don’t cook it to much! If you buy a good can of tomato, you will not need to cook it a lot! Out of the fire, you can add some leaves of basil.
Well… it seems difficult… but it is easier to do it than to explain it!!!!! Try it and tell us if you find any problem!
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